Off to the Races

Well hello and welcome to my first blog post…ever!  I am officially off to the races and excited for all this new adventure will hold for me.  So, I’ll start off by saying, I refuse to be put in a box!  So at present I don’t have one main theme or focus for this blog because I am a woman of many interests and topics I chose to write about will vary for sure :0)  I plan to make this post short and sweet. I have to start somewhere, right?!  I chose the title Loved without Limits for my blog because that is my story. I am a messy every day average woman loved by an amazing God who puts no limits on his mercy towards me, or you for that matter!  It is for Him that I write and for Him that I live.  I’ve made many mistakes along the way but I can always count on His love to bring me back.

Today, my hubby and I shared our testimony in front of our Sunday School class.  I have shared personal things about me before but never really in a mixed group like that.  It was an amazing opportunity and I suppose now that I put myself out there at church, I might as well take the leap into being vulnerable via social media!  Hey, I say if sharing my messy life encourages other people to do the same, then I’ll be the first one to sign up.  You know, I lived a long time believing I couldn’t show my weaknesses because I feared it would misrepresent Jesus and make people think I was a phony.  The truth is, the opposite is actually true.  It is through vulnerability and weakness that a person becomes approachable and represents Christ to the world.  God knew we were imperfect when he made people the vehicle by which  he was going to represent Himself to the world so He obviously thinks weakness can be used to bring others to intimacy with Him.  There are no perfect people so I’m thankful He works with us and uses us where we are at with what we are able to give.

So I leave you with a question today…How are you taking risks in being vulnerable in your relationships with God and with others lately?  It is a risk!  I won’t lie. You can get hurt by people and wish you never opened up.  But, the benefits far outweigh the negatives! My challenge for you is to take some relational risks in the next few days. Just wait and see what God will do!  Thanks for visiting my site!

Loved without Limits,





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  1. Loved every part of this reminder! Josh was just saying in his sermon this morning that we, the church, are Gods plan to change the world . There is no Plan B. He can and does use each of us every single day (Acts 2)
    Thanks for beginning this adventure. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!


    • Josh is right! It’s a wild thought when we know how fallen we are, how dark, how sinful that He would use us. The crazy thing too is that He uses us when we don’t even know it! Even in the midst of our darkest days, he uses us. Sometimes he uses those times more than the good days! He’s pretty amazing like that! 😉


  2. I just love you honesty and the down to earth way you love Jesus. It is so refreshing to me. I am currently in a bible study at our church studying Sheila Walsh and her study in promises. I am learning a lot and have always prayed a lot, but I am trying to completely give my storms to him to take care of. I like to try to work through struggles myself, but letting God help me is o much easier. He is more than able ND seems very willing.


    • Thanks Debbie! I’m honored that you would take time to read this post! Sheila Walsh has great insight for sure. Giving over our storms is very difficult. He does a better job than we do but, if you are like me, I like to think “Ok God thanks for getting me this far…I’ll take it from here.” lol


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